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About the company

Bellezza Decor is an event design and event decor company based in the New York. Bellezza is the love child of husband and wife team Paul and Ellen Somuah, which launched in July of 2018.

Ellen, the creative mind behind Bellezza, has a natural penchant for interior design and fashion. This interests often guides her event designs and floral arrangements. Ellen’s love for chic design is rooted in her early years which were spent in Italy, where she was expose to fashion and the the arts. She aims to create masterful event designs that curtail to the preference and style of each of Bellezza’s clients.

Paul is the operations manager and  staging guru of the duo. He manages the support staff for the events and sees to it that every detail discussed with the client is implemented to the client’s satisfaction. Paul also manages the business operations of Bellezza.

Together husband and wife duo work with team of experienced support staff who enjoy design and decor as much as the couple. With Bellezza you will not be disappointed because every event has a personal touch to it.

Our Mission

We will strive to create the event of your dreams, while making your occasion a long lasting memory. Precisely the outcome that takes your breath away

Ready to Celebrate your Event?

We are here to help. Our wedding and event services are designed specifically to provide our clients seeking luxury and elegant design for their big day.

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